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The Elder Scrolls Online's public test server now has a new event available for testing. Update 8.0.1 introduces Zenithar's Passion, an event honoring the Tamriel god of commerce and hard work. We can get quests from Amminus Varo at the new Belkarth festival grounds. Those relatively new to the game need not worry, as portals in each Impresario tent can take them straight to the city.

This is a single daily quest that, when completed, will give players three event tickets and a gold-quality Zenithar's Noble Package reward box. Additionally, players have the opportunity to earn a delightful package of purple-quality Zenithar by completing certain activities. For example, they can get a box that guarantees the completion of any Master Writ. If you don't want to waste time like me, you can also directly spend ESO Gold to get the box you want.

Update 8.0.1 also introduces a new consumable called Companion Guild Commendations. These are sold by Impresario and are available as long as she is around. I usually go to IGGM when I need ESO Gold. This is a very reliable seller that not only offers cheap prices but also considerate service. We can also see game news at IGGM. IGGM is the best game service provider.

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