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49ers Draft Spotlight Josh Rivas G Kansa
With the 2022 NFL Combine in the books, Pro Day season is in full swing.Kansas State was one of the first to have their Pro Day, and their best pro prospect, offensive guard Josh Rivas, sat down with me for an exclusive interview for Sports Illustrated's All49ers. After Marwin Gonzalez Jersey redshirting in 2017, Rivas went on to be a four year letterman, started his junior and senior seasons at left guard and garnered Second Team All-Big 12 recognition from the AP his sophomore season.In 2021, Rivas gave up zero sacks on 362 pa s protection snaps, but is known for his prowe s as a physical mauler in the run game, helping pave the way for a Kansas State team record for rushing yards per carry of 4.83.Read on for the full interview with a player who will prove to be a great value in the 2022 NFL Draft.Thanks for sitting down with me, Josh. You're PFF's #8 guard in the 2022 NFL Draft cla s, but you have the profile of someone who could play OT.The 49ers have really prized versatility in their players, but particularly in offensive linemen; several recent draftees along the OL have played various positions outside of what many thought was their primary position. Do you feel like you have that type of versatility?Rivas: "In high school, I played tackle, and when I went to K-State, I played guard, and I played on both sides. Going out to tackle, I did tackle reps in practice if someone was hurt, but Im definitely Tyler Clippard Jersey comfortable swinging out to tackle."But you prefer to play guard?Rivas: "I was primarily left, but my redshirt freshman year, I rotated in games, right guard, left guard. My sophomore year, I did the same thing. My junior year and senior year, I was just full left guard. I feel more comfortable on the left side; I take reps in practice on the right side, so I can pick it up like riding a bike."The 49ers run the ball more than most teams, but their linemen are required to be athletic, intelligent and physical. What is your hallmark as a player? What traits or strengths do you bring that will project well in the NFL?Rivas: "I just think how physical I am. I can pick up things easily, because I have a high football IQ in general and make good in-game adjustments and pick things up pretty quickly, for instance to see how the defense is movinglets say theres a defender Im going against who does something three or four times, I know how to counter that and apply the different techniques Ive learned over the years."What do you enjoy doing more? Run blocking or pa s protection?Rivas: "I love run blocking (laughs). Coming out of high school, pretty much all I did was run block. Coming in with Coach Snyderthats my favorite thing. Run the ball, moving people."What was it like to play for Coach Snyder?Rivas: "Snyder was a great coach. He was really wise; he always had these rules. He didnt want you to break the rules! You didnt come close to breaking the rules. Every meeting started ten minutes early. Game days? Twenty-five to thirty minutes early. Practices were hard, you would have two to two and a half hour practice with a "20-piece" at the end: 20 full sprints.But outside of football, he cares about everybody. He still writes handwritten letters. After big wins, hell put them in our lockers. When I graduated, he wrote one. On Senior Night, he wrote one. Even for our opponents, another Big 12 player received a letter from Coach Snyder praising him for how hed played against K-Statehes just a great guy."Scroll to ContinueWhats something about you that most coaches and scouts dont know about you off-the-field that really impacts the player who you are on the field?Rivas: "Knowing me, everyone says Im laid back. Kind of a big teddy bear. Im so big, that Jake Marisnick Jersey people who are more average sizedthey see me, and theyre probably gonna be scared of me. I always let people know Im a nice guy, but all of a sudden when I put my helmet on, Im an alpha taking on others alphas, so I put my helmet on, strap it up and say, 'Lets do this thing.'"Is there a player in the NFL who you model your game after?Rivas: "For me, the biggest player would be Quenton Nelson for the Colts. He and I have similar play styles. Hes really aggre sive and physical like me. Our offensive line coach, Conor Riley, he pulls up NFL Games and has us watch a lot of 49ers actually. The furthest we go back is three years."Speaking of the 49ers, how well do you think you fit into the 49ers offensive scheme?Rivas: "I feel I fit in really well. We run the same plays as the 49ers. Outside zone, inside zone, stretch, power; so we had a wide power and a tight power, misdirection, pin and pull schemes, G schemes, man schemesI feel Im versatile for anything, and my playbook knowledge is really Nolan Ryan Jersey good."Is there a 49ers player you watch the most?Rivas: "Trent Williams. Every time, even when Im trying to watch the guard, I gravitate to him. Hes a phenomenal player; you can just tell hes smart and knows what to do no matter what. His hand placement, his first and second step, his pad level, everything."Do you have a chip on your shoulder for not being at the Combine?Rivas: "Thats another thing that motivates me. I always feel like a underdog. I feel like Ive proven myself. But it gives me more fuel to my fire. Go out there and impre s people and show them what theyre mi sing, and what they overlooked. Im just grateful to be in this situation."Your offensive line was one of the best in college football. What was it like playing with your teammates? Were you considered a leader on that line?Rivas: "It helped me. I didnt have to worry about guys not doing their job. Incredible athletes, really smart. It made me feel like I could focus on my job and not worry about them. The way we did it, the center made the calls, but if I saw something, I wasnt afraid to say something. If Skylar was changing a protection, I wasnt afraid to shout out which way Josh Reddick Jersey to go. The centers gotta worry about snapping the ball. The centers job was to call out the front, then you go through the Mike ID, then Id start calling out combo blocks, which way the protection goes. I feel like everyone on the o-line has the responsibility to communicate."If you had the opportunity to tell an NFL general manager who Josh Rivas is as a player, as a leader, as a teammatewhat do you say?Rivas: "Im a hard worker, accountable, always on time, doing the right thing, you never have to worry about me getting in trouble. I feel like my core values keep me from doing the wrong thing. If I believe its right, Ill do it."Im ready to go."